Bespoke Services – Ensuring the right fit

Our outsourced accountancy solution offers exceptional client care to businesses of all types and sizes.

We know that entrepreneurship is a journey which requires different levels of accountancy as growth takes place. We will provide you with exactly the right services to help your business to scale and enable you to build the life you want to live. 

Account management (management accounting)
  • We’ll take care of every aspect of your finances with our full account management service.
  • Monthly, quarterly or yearly reports keep you up to date with your company performance.
  • Management accounts are tailored to suit your needs and are distinct from the standard reports that can be produced from our basic bookkeeping service. Produced in up to 14 days, they can be tailored to your business objectives and help you monitor and evaluate your company’s performance.
  • Monthly service includes a profit and loss account revealing the current month and year to date figures, a balance sheet (if applicable), as well as comprehensive ledger listings showing exactly how much your business has spent each month, and what that money has been spent on!
  • You receive a custom-built account management service, rather than having to settle for a generic one size fits all approach. We’ll take the time to understand your
    business fully.
  • We’ll interpret figures for you, and make suggestions about how to improve your business and generate greater profits. You’ll get a much clearer picture of your business’s potential and long-term profitability.

Benefits of our account management service

  • Managed accounts enable you to borrow money to build your business.
  • Managed accounts prepare you to grow or sell your business, particularly the due diligence phase.
  • Effective account management is crucial if you want to pay yourself in dividends and do it legally.

Additional Services

A scanning service – we keep your records safely as environmentally friendly electronic versions and reduce space-consuming paper records

Bespoke training services – we pass on our expertise to staff and individuals so they can successfully keep their own accounts in order.

A business start up service – we assist in incorporating companies, new business plans, forecasts and liaising with banks and other institutions on your behalf.

Business growth services – we help with your forecasts, budgets and strategies

Business exit strategies – we’ll assist you with a way out of your business when the time is right. This is just as important to plan for as the initial and day-to-day business plan.

An auditing service – preparing accounts for auditing – we help you make sure all of your accounts are in fully-working order


A financial audit doesn’t have to mean irritating intrusion and unwanted expense.

We provide a cost-effective and in-depth audit service with a personal approach to make sure that your audit doesn’t impose on the day-to-day running of your business, works to suit your timescales and – most importantly – fits your budget.

Bookkeeping Services

Whether you’re a brand-new start-up or you’ve been running your own business for a number of years you need a bookkeeping service so you can…

  • Budget better, make savings or spend what you want.
  • Record all of your sales, purchases, receipts, and payments.
  • Fulfil your legal obligation.

Bookkeepers in Cardiff and beyond

Our team of specialist bookkeepers will take care of everything, and ensure that a tailored system for retaining and accurately recording all of your business transactions is set up for you, at a very competitive price.

Bookkeeping services may be done on or off site and at a frequency to suit you. also include the option for standard basic overview reports.Below is the list of bookkeeping services that we offer…

  • Sage Training
  • Self Assessment Tax Return
  • Invoicing
  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • CIS
  • Credit Control
  • Payroll .

Accounted For Ltd – You Look After The Business, We’ll Look After The Books

Budgeting and Forecasting

The team at Accounted For Ltd are experts in budgeting and forecasting, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide accurate budgeting and forecasting plans for all types of businesses, whether you’re a small company with a handful of staff or a multinational corporation.

We assist with…

Making sure you have all the facts and figures you need to make the correct decisions and ensure a healthy and profitable future for your business.

Devising a budget which will allow you to forecast your company’s likely profits and cash flow needs. This will then give you a basis for comparison, enabling you to make future decisions based on quantifiable figures, rather than guesswork and estimates.

Reviews, so you can easily monitor your financial success effectively and make sure your business is on track. This service takes no more than 30 days to complete and could save you hundreds of pounds.

Borrowing money or securing investment of any kind, the information contained in our budgeting and forecasting models can be used to provide proof of your profitability and future growth for any lenders or investors. Without proper budgeting and forecasting, you’ll never know just how successful your business could be…

Business Recovery Plans

Accounted For Ltd possess years of experience providing bespoke business recovery plans for struggling businesses of all sizes. We can help you get back on the road to profitability.

Getting business back on track

Your business recovery plan will be custom-built and based on your particular circumstances.

We’ll work with you to identify the areas that are negatively affecting your business, and then put any necessary measures in place that will aid your recovery. This may include restructuring payments, raising finance, downsizing or restructuring business operations, or negotiating with creditors on your behalf.

Cash flow management

Even a profitable company can fail because of a shortage of available cash. Changes in your accounts need to be planned for and differ between seasons and industries.

Our team can work with you to take into account all of your foreseeable transactions, to make sure you always have the cash you need for your business to thrive. This service can be completed within 30 days.

Company Secretarial Services

Fulfil your responsibilities to Companies House (such as the annual return of document AR01 re. appointing new directors).

We can help complete all of these documents for you – keeping you legal and worry free!

Consultancy and System Review Services

Would you like to save your business thousands year after year?

We offer a hands-on review and consultancy service to examine your current accountancy processes and make sure that you have the most efficient systems, software, and people in place.

Our experience in this area could save you a lot of cash.

Case Study

Name: Michael Poole

Title: Company Director

Company name: 1st Grade Care Ltd

Accounted For services you have used: System review.

What made you choose Accounted For?

At point of enquiry they were engaged and informative, they were more than accountants, they understood my business, and genuinely cared.

What was your reason for undergoing a system review?

Being a growing business we wanted to strengthen our core accounting activities and effectively operate our bookkeeping and payroll in-house.

What did the review find?

Systems were insufficient, time and resources were wasted through duplicating information and excessive report printing.

How were the findings addressed?

New systems were planned, prepared & implemented, intelligent payroll and bookkeeping software was installed.

How did Accounted For help you to implement its recommendations?

We were appointed a contact within Accounted for, who dealt with the installation and on-site training of the new software, they also assisted us through transition and were flexible when providing onsite & telephone support when we required.

How has the review (and the subsequent work because of the review) improved your business?

We now have conscious control over our core activities, which allows us to make informed decisions, we experienced an immediate saving in areas of cost, and further in productivity.

Anything else you would like to say about the team at Accounted For or the work they have done with you?

A professional team who are committed to delivering traditional services via a modern approach, a full-service organisation who deliver on their promises to provide a tailored consistent service.

Outsourcing your accounts department and going digital with Accounted For could save you thousands.

Contractor Accountants

Our specialist, bespoke accountancy and tax service to contractors currently covering IT, building and construction, medicine, finance, media and creative, engineering is so good that it has a 90% referral rate.

We’ll help you maximize your income while remaining 100% compliant with contractor tax laws.

We’ll prepare your accounts, payroll and VAT returns, handle your bookkeeping, produce your personal and company tax return and file them, advise you on issues such as IR35 compliance and dividend payments and inform you of EXACTLY how much tax you need to pay.

We’ll make sure your company operates in the most tax-efficient way possible, meaning you’ll benefit from the maximum amount of take-home pay!

We’ll turn around payrolls within 24 hours (excludes weekends and bank holidays), VAT Returns within 14 days, and Tax Planning, Year Ends and Director’s Returns within 30 days…

You’ll never have to worry about missing a deadline thanks to our regular reminder service, and you’ll always be compliant with current legislation…

You won’t receive any add-ons or surprise “charges”. We will provide you with a competitive quote beforehand, and from that point on, any calls, emails, letters, general correspondence or advice will be completely free, as part of the service…

You’ll have three different payment options for contractors, so you can choose between paying monthly, quarterly or per service, whichever suits YOU best…

Credit Control

We can chase payments for you by letter, e-mail or phone, allowing you to maximise cash flow, save time and reduce costs.

We’ll keep you informed about what’s happening and should any issues arise, we’ll deal with them quickly and professionally on your behalf. Our Credit Control service can also take charge of your invoicing.

You’ll be able to retain a positive working relationship with your client/customer as we’ll be acting as intermediaries between you.

Legal Services

We can help navigate you through the minefield otherwise known as the legal system.

Confusing jargon and loopholes can create problems at a later stage, if handled improperly. Our trusted partners can provide:

Property and conveyancing


Wills and probate

Lifetime Trusts

Lasting Power of Attorney

Commercial and business law

Employment law

Family law

Consumer law

Debt issues

Making Tax Digital (MTD)

Accounted For offer a consultancy and implementation service. We saw making tax digital (MTD) and cloud based accounting changing our industry years ago.

We were one of the first accountancy firms to move the majority of our clients online and as a company are now fluent in most online, cloud based solutions – this makes us ideally placed to help you with getting an ideal combination of software and systems to help you and your accounts.

Let us help you with…

  • Cloud based accounts software
  • Automatic bank feeds
  • Automating data entry (using pictures/photos)
  • Automating invoices
  • Automating collecting fees
  • Automating credit control
  • Streamlining payroll
  • Real time accounts and management accounts
  • Integrating systems
  • Training

All saving time and money. Interested? Please give us a call for a free consultation on 02920 498 800
Here are some useful links towards Making Tax Digital (MTD)

Payroll Services

We cover every aspect of payrol services, outlined here.

Pensions, Savings and Investments

Following new legislation on workplace pensions, every employer with at least one member of staff has new duties, including putting those who meet certain criteria into a workplace pension scheme and contributing towards it.

You must take steps to ensure that your staff are enrolled.We include automatic enrolment in our payroll services. Our automatic enrolment service provides:

  • Complete automatic pension assessments
  • Send pension data to your chosen pension provider
  • Send pension correspondence to workforce
  • Assess workforce existing/new employees eligibility
  • Manage opt-ins, opt-outs and postponements
  • Calculate employee pension contributions
  • Calculate company pension contributions
  • Send pensions data directly to pension providers
  • Generate legally worded pension correspondence for employees printed and/or emailed at the appropriate time, record what was sent and when

You can find out more at: The Pensions Regulator

Raising Finance

Over the years Accounted For have raised clients substantial amounts in order to achieve their goals – and we can do the same for you and your business.

Working with high street banks and other well-known lenders Accounted For has successfully assisted with:

  • Government funding applications
  • Grants
  • Secured finance
  • Unsecured finance
  • Equity finance
  • Loan finance
  • Mortgages (9:30am to 6:30pm 7 days a week)
  • Overdrafts
  • We have relationships in place with investors looking to invest up to £5million

Accounted For works in partnership with local, qualified, authorised, regulated, Independent Finance Brokers based in South Wales who can offer impartial, whole of market advice. Mortgage and loan services include:

  • Mortgages – purchases and first time buyers
  • Re-mortgages – fantastic fixed term rates with free valuations & legal help
  • Buy-to-Let Mortgages – purchases and refinancing – Interest only still available
  • Secured Loans – amazing low rates from 1.99% per annum
  • Commercial Mortgages – great contacts with High Street Banks
  • Insurance – Life Critical Illness and Home
  • Equity Release

Decisions in principle with 1 hour – Available 7 days a week 9am – 6pm. Initial Advice and Consultation is FREE of CHARGE with NO OBLIGATION – Face to face or on the telephone.

Self Assessments

We handle thousands of self assessments every year.

We provide an annual reminder service, so you’ll never file a late tax return again.

We’ll ensure that your tax returns are completed correctly and filed promptly whilst you are concentrating on running your business.

We’ll calculate how much your business owes, so you don’t have to

We’ll submit your tax return to HMRC, and confirm receipt, so that you don’t have to worry about whether it got there or not

We’ll handle all of the correspondence with HMRC for you, so you can concentrate on what you do best

We’ll notify you of any tax breaks and benefits that you might be entitled to, and ensure that you receive them.

Statutory Year End Accounts

We process and submit hundreds of end of year accounts each year and, using SAGE software, we are able to submit accounts online via ixbrl as required by both HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Collections) and Companies House.

To top it off, we can do this all within 30 days and we submit the information online, saving money – savings that we pass onto you! Whether you’re a sole trader, LLP or limited company, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that the team at Accounted For Ltd will be there to correctly calculate the financial performance of your business, and ensure that your statutory year end accounts are prepared and submitted correctly, each and every year.

We’ll also make sure that your accounts are filed on time so you’re not hit with any late filing penalties and handle any enquiries or correspondence related to your submission.

Tax Planning

Don’t lose sleep over the taxman, relax, Accounted For can save you money as you sleep. You can save money with our tax planning service.

Accounted For can not only let you know in advance how much tax you are likely to pay but make informed estimates that can help to plan ahead, budget, and even become more tax efficient. Don’t pay more tax than you need to and get back tax already paid to HMRC unnecessarily via tax rebates in the form of:

  • Uniform or Specialist Clothing rebate
  • Car mileage allowance rebate
  • Tools Tax allowance rebate
  • Construction Industry rebate
  • Working from home rebate
  • Professional subscriptions, training, qualifications or continual professional development rebate

Maximise your levels of tax mitigation in areas such as corporation tax, remuneration planning, company car tax, VAT, capital gains tax, wills and inheritance tax, estate planning, tax efficient remuneration for company directors, reductions in personal income tax, and much more!

We offer a bespoke tax planning service specifically tailored to suit your needs, whether it’s business tax planning or personal international tax advice.

Tax Rebates

You could be paying more tax than you should!

If you’re someone who works for multiple companies, such as a dentist or a doctor, or you’re an employee who pays for work supplies or travel expenses with your own income, you could easily be overpaying tax. We can…

  • Claim back all of the tax you have overpaid for the last four years and make sure it is returned to where it always should have been – your own account.
  • Take care of everything – filing a tax rebate application on your behalf, supplying all necessary evidence and chasing up the claim – so you can collect the maximum refund you’re due as quickly as possible.

All you need to do is give us a call for a free, friendly, and informal chat to find out if we can help you. Alternatively, you can fill out the form below, providing us with your latest P45s, P60s, and details of any expenses you’ve incurred, and we’ll let you know exactly what you’re owed. If you’re not owed anything, you don’t owe us anything – so you have nothing to lose and thousands to gain!

VAT Returns

Accurate VAT Returns, delivered on time, every time, for companies of all sizes.

We provide accurate and timely VAT returns, whether it be flat rate, normal, annual, cash accounting or even for a one off property project. We like to complete our returns quickly and normally get them done within 14 days.

We’ll make sure that your VAT returns are correctly prepared and submitted to HMRC within the relevant timescales, ensuring that you’ll never get hit with expensive fines for late VAT returns. As part of the service, we can also offer advice and guidance on the correct VAT schemes to sign up to, so that you’ll be able to maximize your cash flow.

If you choose our monthly bookkeeping services, when it comes to doing VAT returns we’ll already have all the information in place, and ready to go!

Our VAT returns service can help…

  • Advise you on the appropriate VAT scheme
  • Register your business for VAT
  • Handle your bookkeeping and calculate your VAT liability
  • Provide training should you wish to take a more hands-on approach to completing your VAT returns, either manually or with the use of our up-to-date software
  • Calculate your VAT and then submit your return to HMRC with our VAT return calculator
  • Ensure that your VAT returns are filed correctly, and on time, so you don’t receive any late filing penalties
  • Not sure if your business needs to be registered for VAT? You’ll need to register for VAT if any of the following apply to your business:
  • The VAT registration limit is currently set at £81,000 per year. So if your taxable turnover has reached this limit in the previous twelve months, then you’re legally obligated to register… (Correct as of 2014)
  • Similarly, if you haven’t reached this turnover figure yet, but you believe that you will within the next 30 days, then you should also register for VAT.
  • You have purchased or taken over a company whose turnover has reached the registration limit, or is expected to so within the next month.
  • You have purchased goods from other countries within the European Union to a value that exceeds the registration limit in one calendar year
  • You can also voluntarily VAT register at any time before you exceed the VAT threshold limit – we can help show the advantages/disadvantages of considering this option.
Wealth Management

Helping you save and make moneyIt’s not just businesses that need to look after their money.

Our partners provide in-depth wealth management services to individuals across the UK to help people save, and make money. These services include:

  • Pension planning
  • Investment advice
  • Savings reviews

We can fix your mess. Lee is a chartered business manager