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Quality and professionalism is at the heart of everything we do – which reflects in all the repeat business we get! We provide a tailored service to a wide variety of different clients, from individuals and sole traders right the way through to large limited companies and recognised brands.

mike lecia img 150x150 - Mike & Leica

Mike & Leica

We are a family run gym and PT business and, as such, it’s important for us to be interacting with our customers as much as possible. Accounted For play a vital role in this aspect as the service they provide enables us to save time via the automated accounting system they have set up. They are always available for advice when needed which allows us to do what we do best. Thanks guys!

WEC4 - Chris and Kim Churcher

Chris and Kim Churcher

Wales and England Care / MVRRS

We were recommended by trusted friends that were already working with Accounted For. When they refer we know they must be good. 

We signed up at the turn of the year and in a short space of time Accounted For helped us put a system in place to fulfill all the accountancy functions our business requires.

Accounted For have provided us with an entirely outsourced accountancy function, with controls in place, that serves as our trusted accounts team. Our partnership has helped with cash flow and management decisions, allowing us to analyse and review the accounts quickly with regular meetings to keep our goals on track and the information we need.

Accounted For promised that we would be able to have a holiday where we really relax, without having to worry about making payments, invoicing, paying wages, and other financial responsibilities. 

As a result, we have been able to take a holiday for the first time in 10 years, and get some time back. We have also fulfilled a dream, not only of setting up another branch of our company, but abroad, where we are currently residing!

traceyS - Tracey Smolinski

Tracey Smolinski

IntroBiz & IWOW

I discovered Accounted For through a recommendation from one of my friends who was already a trusted partner with Lee and Leanne’s business.

Our business was scaling and we knew we had outgrown our accounting procedures, particularly as our business had gone from local to global.

On meeting the team at Accounted For we completed a system review. We now receive regular ongoing accountancy and payroll services which frees us up to connect with new opportunities.

Lee and Leanne at Accounted For are amazing at what they do and their proactive approach has given us the support we need as entrepreneurs. They are the best accountants we have had for sure and are always refreshing the way we think as new income streams become available.

I’ll go as far as to say that Accounted For are trailblazers in the accountancy world. They have certainly saved us money by helping us to plan strategically.

With their support, I’ve set up a new business since COVID and I wouldn’t go anywhere else now, they’re stuck with me!

Hazel wallace - Hazel Wallace

Hazel Wallace

Food Medic

Accounted For were recommended to me by one of my friends when I first decided to be brave and start my own company.

That step into the unknown became less scary when I met Lee and Leanne who reassured me that I could count on them.

I have been working with Accounted For since our start-up phase, where I balanced university with a new business. I am pleased to say I’m still with them 4 years later as a qualified doctor and author, with a thriving business selling my own branded products on the high street.  

Accounted For have worked with me every step of the way and adding tailored services to their range of packages has worked exceptionally well for me, saving time and money in the process.

What has been the most rewarding part of the journey is having a strong relationship with an accountancy team that can adapt to my business needs as I scale. That’s rare and the main reason why I now pass on the favour to my friends who are brave enough to follow me on the entrepreneurial journey.

AF testimonial3 150x150 - Nicky


Infinite Solutions

Facebook is a wonderful tool and I actually managed to find the wonderful team at Accounted For through friends recommending them on messenger.

Our business was growing, we needed help to restructure, move our accounting systems online and tax plan.

We were very reactive when it came to accounts and it was becoming obvious we needed to be more proactive. Since we started working with Accounted For they have been instrumental in making change happen.

As a result, we now use Sage and Receipt Bank which saves the hassle of reconciling and we use the software to make informed business decisions without the need for endless Excel documents! 

We genuinely look forward to our tax planning meetings with Accounted For, and knowing that they are behind us to guide our business to achieve its goals, gives us confidence in the midst of change.

The Accounted For team are extremely professional but so friendly,  nothing is too much trouble for them. 

Anthony - Anthony Simons

Anthony Simons


How do you find a local accountant that you can trust? Well, I asked around and the team at Accounted For kept coming up. So we connected and we haven’t looked back.

I’ve been with Accounted For for almost 15 years and they have continued to help me hand over much of the day to day grind of bookkeeping, payroll, and accountancy work to free myself up to actually enjoy what I do best.

Accounted For are literally my accounts team and work very hard to make sure that we meet all our deadlines so we don’t incur any fines. That is a huge relief to me and has enabled us to continue to grow through sales and finding the best talent.

If you are struggling to get everything done and don’t enjoy the numbers stuff, you need to speak with Lee and Leanne – I promise you it will be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Mark - Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson

Cardiff Sports

I discovered Accounted For online and have been using them since the start of my business, nearly 15 years ago. Since then I have recommended them to lots of friends and family because I believe their approach makes things exciting and helps businesses like ours succeed on the pitch.

They provide me with a full accountancy service which has adapted to my business as it’s changed over the years. This has helped me keep on top of my paperwork while I concentrate on growth.

Just as in sport you need a strong back room team, I know I can count on team Accounted For who are always ready to answer a call or write back to an email when I need them.

If you want to win in business, this is the team you can count on.

Robert - Robert Robertson

Robert Robertson

Robertson Transport

Accounted For were recommended to me by my friends bookkeeper – boy was I lucky! Definitely one of the best things I have done in business and to date, I’ve been with them for more than a decade.

They have helped me so much on things that appeared difficult and I would recommend them to anyone. Why? Because they take the time to understand me and where I want to go in life.

Accounted For’s flexible on-site bookkeeping means that my Accounts are always geared for growth. They ask me the right questions and I never feel overwhelmed. I know they will do what is right for the business and ensure we are compliant.

I can’t thank them enough. Accounted For really have transported us forward! 

Andrew - Andrew Riddell

Andrew Riddell

OHC Group

We searched for accountants online and decided that Accounted For looked to be the team to help us.

That search was an amazing find and we have worked with Accounted For regularly for years.

We realised our needs are actually quite complex, difficult, and not for everyone. Thankfully, Accounted For worked with us to ensure they provided a thorough, daily bookkeeping, accountancy, and payroll service allowing us to see the status of each account immediately.

Accounted For deal with any of our customer concerns in a professional and timely manner which has allowed us to focus and not get too distracted by the financials as we know they have got us!

Honestly, one of the best decisions we made and one that continues to pay off as we look to the future.

Jahan - Jahan Abedi

Jahan Abedi


Accounted For was recommended to me by a friend and I have been with them for many years. They get entrepreneurs! I’m a serial one and need a proactive accountancy team that I can count on.

With a lot going on they help me manage the complexities of having multiple businesses. We’ve systemised things in such a way that I know where each one is at and what are the needs for now and the future.

When you have a lot going on you need an accountancy firm that is flexible and adaptable that can innovate to improve your business.

Accounted For think like me, and that gives me an amazing advantage when looking to get ahead in competitive markets.

If you are someone with multiple business interests, you can trust these guys to deliver.