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What if my company is not based in Cardiff?

Although we are a Cardiff based accountancy firm we provide entirely outsourced accounts and payroll services to individuals and businesses across the UK from West Wales (Lee grew up in West Wales and speaks Welsh) to Norfolk (other side of London) and as far up as Scotland.

Accounted For Ltd

What happens if I sign up with you partway through the tax year?

No problem, a lot of clients do. We can spread the cost over the remaining months, get accounts up to date, and/or if appropriate do a one-off job at the end of your tax year.

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Is there a minimum length of the contract?

No, we are confident you’ll be happy. All we ask is that if for any reason we can’t work together that we have a 30 day notice period.

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How can I pay less tax?

You need our tax planning service – this is where we pride ourselves… worst case scenario is that we show you how much your tax bill might be before it happens, and the best case scenario is that we find out what your goals/ambitions are and find the most tax-efficient way to reach them. For example, if we know you are running a growing business, looking to buy premises/equipment, carrying out research and development, or a lifestyle business, etc. and want to extract as much money, tax efficiently, we can help.

Accounted For Ltd

Can I send my documents electronically?

Definitely. We have our own secure client portal where you can send electronic documents and we use Dext, AutoEntry & Hubdoc (and more).

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Will I always be speaking to the same member of staff?

Yes, wherever possible. As you might expect, you’ll have an account manager supported by a team. We make sure you have the correctly qualified and experienced person working on your accounts/payroll at the appropriate time. We have a one-firm policy which means holiday/sick does not get in the way and saves you time and money combined with a fantastic back-office system. So, if you call or email we will make sure you get through to the right person.

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Will I be able to speak to my accountant at any time during working hours?

The best way to make sure is to book a day/time that works best for you through our shared calendar https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/AccountedForBookings@localhost/bookings/ alternatively please give us a call/email whenever it suits you, we operate a one-firm policy with a fantastic back office system so chances are, even if we can’t get you through to a particular person, the person you speak with may be able to help, in any case we will always try to put you through and/or call you back.

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How much will it cost?

Please visit our package page to get a price, there you will be able to see what’s included and don’t worry if the package doesn’t quite fit, we also have an instant online quote system. Alternatively, please contact us.


Whats the difference between a sole trader, self employed, partnership or Ltd Company?

Sole Traders, self-employed, and others (for example landlords) need to do a personal tax return. Partnerships also require a partnership return and Ltd Companies have financial statements that go to both HMRC and Companies House. There are pro’s and con’s so it’s best to have a conversation to work out which structure will work best for you.

Accounted For Ltd

Do I need to register for VAT?

You will need to be registered to VAT if any of the following apply to you:

  • The VAT registration limit is set at £85,000. If your taxable turnover has reached this figure yet, then you’re legally obliged to.
  • If you haven’t reached this figure yet, but in the next 30 days you believe you will, then you should register for VAT.
  • If you have taken over a company that has exceeded the limit or is expected to within the next month then do so.
  • If you have purchased goods from countries in the European Union to a value that exceeds the limit in one year then you should register.
  • You can also register before you exceed the limit and make sure to contact us so we can show the advantages and disadvantages.
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Do I have to send in my information electronically?

No, you can post, drop off or we can come and collect or we can come to you and/or work from you premises.

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How often do you manage my accounts?

Varies depending on what you need. We work with clients daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, and/or annually.

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Do we work with lenders?

Yes, some lenders require accountants letters, or regular management accounts – we have all the correct qualifications, experience and software to provide the appropriate information to lenders.

Accounted For Ltd

Why outsource accounts?

Reduce costs from recruitment, employer’s national insurance, holiday/sick cover, training, software, office space/equipment, etc. Get reliable experience from a team of experts and free your time up to concentrate on what you do best.