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Welcome to the Cardiff’s leading payroll service provider, Accounted For Limited.

We supply payroll outsourcing services to countless companies in the UK. Our payroll services will guarantee your business payroll compliance, payroll assist, and a cost effective way of managing your companies services. Outsourcing your payroll to us will simplify the process of paying your staff, and will decrease any real challenge your payroll could face.

Most small businesses and large firms that do not outsource struggle to manage their own payroll services. Ranging from inconsistent payroll, late payments to staff and employees, increase in cost of payroll, accessibility of business data,

One of our payroll clients affirm:

“Really pleased with Accounted For! they are always there, and give really good advice when I need them. Business is on the rise, and growth is looking really good!” – Rebecca

Payroll Services

We take care of every aspect of payroll costs and services to make sure your staff get paid correctly on time. Outsourcing our service will help deal with all your taxes, bonuses, and deductions.

Essentially your business or organisation will not have to do a single thing. You will benefit from our fully managed payroll service. Our dedicated account manager(s), and payroll experts: Sharon, and Angela will oversee all of your payroll requirements and focus directly on your payroll needs .


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Our service Modulr can help make fast, easy payments within minutes. Maintained on a secure platform accessible at any time by you, and our payroll experts.

Save time With Our Payroll Services

As a business owner, personal service with our payroll department will relieve you of financial stress.

We want to prioritise business growth, once you’ve sent us your documents be assured that the administrative burden of payroll will be taken off your shoulders.

Our dedicated payroll team

With 25 years of experience, the Accounted For payroll team understands the importance of meeting your specific payroll needs. Our dedicated department brings you the perfect solution to payroll processing. With real time information, accuracy, and efficiency we will deliver fully managed payroll.

What Types Of Businesses Can Benefit From Payroll Outsourcing?

Whether you are a small business or a large firm, your organisation will benefit when you outsource payroll. Our professional payroll services can, and will help you scale.

#Weaddup the numbers, and calculate everything for you. From employee salaries, taxes, deductions, to managing employee time, attendance, and benefits. Essentially, we will become your dedicated account manager, and we will serve your personal needs.

Secure and accessible data

At Accounted For, we use ‘MyePayWindow’. This platform ensures the employer and employee secure access to their specific payroll documents. Since GDPR (Data Protection) we are legally inclined to keep your documents in a secure cloud based format. This data is easily accessible via your client portal that we will help you set up.

Managed payroll services = complete peace of mind

Our dedicated team will ensure your real time information is processed accurately and on time. A common challenge businesses face is inaccurate service, payrolls not being done on time, and confidentiality breach. Our assistance will decrease the risk of this happening.

Do I Need A Payroll Service

Any UK businesses who have at least one, or more employees are required to have a payroll scheme.

By UK law, you must have a payroll service in place.

How Do Our Payroll Solutions Work

Accounted For payroll systems will save time for many businesses.

The automated payroll functions we use will guarantee employees are paid in a timely manner. Any business doing UK payroll must establish a fully managed payroll.

How We Operate Our Payroll Solutions :

Data Collection

Your real time information will be gathered by our team and will be added onto your client portal.

Time Allocation

Once you send us your employee time sheet(s) we will make sure this data is transferred onto our system.

Calculation of Payroll

Our payroll solutions will gather your data, and quantify employee earnings for your supplied period.

We will then calculate any Tax, National Insurance contributions, Student Loan, Child Maintenance, P32’s, and P60 numbers ready for deduction .


Once calculated, all necessary deductions will be made by our payroll system.

Compliance Check

Having payroll is a legal responsibility of every UK business. Our accounting and payroll team will ensure that all your payroll needs are met.

Payroll Deposited

Once payroll and tax deductions have been made, our payroll team will deposit each payment to your employees.

Employee Self Service

You can access your documents via your personalised MyPAYE portal – viewable at any time.

Pensions Auto Enrolment

All compliant UK businesses will require an auto enrolment pension scheme that we will administer alongside your payroll service.

Reasons To Work With Us


Our fully managed payroll services will ensure that your payroll is processed efficiently


The Accounted For payroll team will accurately action your payroll in a timely manner

Easily Accessible

We are within reach of all our clients, no matter how far you, or your business may be. We encourage all our clients to get in contact when they need anything. Whether it’s through email, phone, post, or zoom, the method of contact is limitless.

Competitive Pricing

We pride ourselves on bespoke pricing. During your free consultation, we will discuss all your payroll requirements, offering you a peace of mind. You can be sure our team is fully equipped to cater to your specific payroll needs.

How does online payroll work?

We do our utmost to make sure payrolls are processed within twenty-four hours. We can adapt to accept and produce the payroll information provided in a format or style that suits you – including different styles of payslips and even e-payslips!

We’ll make sure that you are compliant with employment legislation and the ever-increasing complexity of taxation. We’ll take care of time-consuming things such as tax credits, national insurance contributions, statutory sick pay, and statutory maternity pay.

Our outsourced payroll services are fully comprehensive, and include:

  • Auto enrolment and pension maintenance
  • Fully RTI (Real Time Information)
  • Pension Auto Enrolment
  • Managed payroll services on a weekly, fortnightly, and monthly basis
  • Postage of employee payslips
  • Month-end payroll analysis
  • Preparation and electronic filing P14, P35 and P45
  • Production of year-end P60s
  • Production of payslips
  • Advice on tax and National Insurance Contributions
  • Dealing with employee enquiries
  • Dealing with employee starters and leavers
  • Stakeholder pension schemes
  • Student loan recovery
  • Administration of PAYE, national insurance, SMP, SPP, SSP, and SAP
  • Child maintenance orders
  • Completion of statutory forms (including year-end returns)
  • Administration of bonuses, incentive schemes and termination payments

Streamline your business with our payroll Services Whether you have one employee or hundreds, employing our specialist team of payroll administrators to handle your payroll will save you both time and money.