Consultancy and System Review Services

Would you like to save your business thousands year after year? We offer a hands-on review and consultancy service to examine your current accountancy processes and make sure that you have the most efficient systems, software and people in place.Our experience in this area could save you a lot of cash.

Case Study:

Name: Michael Poole
Title: Company Director
Company name: 1st Grade Care Ltd
Accounted For services you have used: System review.
What made you choose Accounted For? At point of enquiry they were engaged and informative, they were more than accountants, they understood my business, and genuinely cared.
What was your reason for undergoing a system review? Being a growing business we wanted to strengthen our core accounting activities and effectively operate our bookkeeping and payroll in-house.
What did the review find? Systems were insufficient, time and resources were wasted through duplicating information and excessive report printing.
How were the findings addressed? New systems were planned, prepared & implemented, intelligent payroll and bookkeeping software was installed. How did Accounted For help you to implement its recommendations? We were appointed a contact within Accounted for, who dealt with the installation and on-site training of the new software, they also assisted us through transition and were flexible when providing onsite & telephone support when we required.
How has the review (and the subsequent work because of the review) improved your business? We now have conscious control over our core activities, which allows us to make informed decisions, we experienced an immediate saving in areas of cost, and further in productivity.
Anything else you would like to say about the team at Accounted For or the work they have done with you? A professional team who are committed to delivering traditional services via a modern approach, a full-service organisation who deliver on their promises to provide a tailored consistent service.

Outsourcing your accounts department and going digital with Accounted For could save you thousands