Start up (Limited Company)
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Who does it suit?
  • This package works well with limited companies starting out, up to a turnover of up to £80k per year; designed to cater to all the foundational needs of your business, with the flexibility to add services or upgrade as your company evolves.
Price per month (+ VAT)
  • £80 + VAT
With this package you can expect
  • Annual Bookkeeping: Up to 6 hours of service, managed by a dedicated bookkeeping team.
  • Financial Statements: Preparation and submission to both Companies House and HMRC in line with accounting standards and including the Corporation Tax Return. This comes with a 30-minute consultation with our accounts specialist team.
  • Personal Tax Return: For one director, submitted online to HMRC complete with personal report for your refence with income sources based on 1 P60 and dividends from your company.
  • Confirmation Statement: Annual submission to Companies House.
  • Client Portal Access: 24/7 availability to view completed documents and upload necessary paperwork.
  • Accounting Software: Sage and Dext* integration to digitize financial data, expedite invoice processing, and ensure MTD compliance.
  • Regular Updates: Monthly newsletters, budget updates, webinars, and timely reminders for important dates via email and text.
  • Please note: Sage and Dext are third-party software providers; any price changes will be reflected accordingly
Additional Extras (can add to any package)
  • Incorporate Limited Company – £150 + VAT One-off Fee
  • Register for PAYE – £60 + VAT One-off Fee
  • Register for VAT – £100 + VAT One-off Fee
  • Declaration of Compliance (Pension) – £60 + VAT
  • Registered Office Address – £7 + VAT Monthly
  • Bookkeeping Time – £25 + VAT Hourly Rate
  • Health Check – £250 + VAT One-off Fee
  • Tax Investigation Insurance – £145.83 + VAT Annually
  • PAYE Services – starting from £30 + VAT Monthly
  • Bespoke services available