Start Up (Self Employed)

£60.00 signup fee, then £65.00/month +VAT - 12 Month Subscription Contract

Is it for me?
Specially tailored for sole traders, this package meets all the essential needs of businesses with a turnover of up to £80,000. It offers the adaptability to incorporate additional services or transition to a higher-tier package as your business progresses.
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With this package, you can expect:

Annual Bookkeeping: Up to 6 hours of service, managed by a dedicated bookkeeping team.

Personal Tax Return: For the sole trader business, submitted online to HMRC complete with personal report for your refence.

Client Portal Access: 24/7 availability to view completed documents and upload necessary paperwork.

Accounting Software: Sage and Dext* integration to digitize financial data and ensure MTD compliance.

Cashflow Workshop: This webinar is meticulously crafted to assist in the management and improvement of your business’s cashflow and financial structures, aiming to prevent cashflow concerns from becoming a recurring challenge.

Regular Updates: Monthly newsletters, budget updates, webinars, and timely reminders for important dates via email and text.

*Please note: Sage and Dext are third-party software providers; any price changes will be reflected accordingly.

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