5 easy ways to make your business more green this Earth Day

Posted April 21, 2021 in  Environmental | Startups
  1. Use less paper

As an accountancy firm who started out in the days where ring binders and bottomless filing cabinets were still very much in use, we have welcomed the transition to more digital ways of working. Using systems and programs to keep note taking online is a great way of saving paper. Why not also invest in some paperless notebooks – we use Rocketbooks and the team love them!

2. Encourage the use of reusable items in the workplace

There’s nothing worse than single use plastic water bottles and plastic bags making their way into our seas. A great way to encourage employees to use more sustainable items is to gift them yourself. If you don’t already have a welcome pack, think about throwing an eco-friendly water bottle and some other handy goodies into a reusable canvas bag as a gift for new starters.

3. Start a ride to work scheme & offer flexible working options

A quick google search will show you that there are lots of company’s such as Bike2work who offer this scheme. It’s a no brainer – employees can save money on bikes and transport, stay fit and help the environment by lowering emissions! Aside from this, also think about offering flexible working options including work from home. Employees who like this way of working will also be reducing emissions by cutting out their daily commute

4. Limit your energy usage

Although a certain amount of electric usage is arguably a necessity for the digital ways of working we have come to thrive off, there are things we can all do to reduce this bill. For example, do you ever fall into the trap of wanting every browser tab to stay just where it is for tomorrow so you put your desktop into sleep mode instead of turning it off? As a team we realised we’ve been guilty of doing this too! Making small changes like this can help cut costs and reduce our electric usage.

5. Use your team for good!

Get everyone on board with your environmental mission by organising some activities such as planting trees or litter picking. They will be great for uniting the team after a year of on-off lockdowns and home working as well. We have some beach cleans lined up for the summer – look out for the pics on our socials!